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Only $17.99 Each!

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Signed & Sketched copies are $20 with shipping included. Each copy of the book will come with a signature and a pencil sketch of a character from the comic on the inside cover. Personalized messages are allowed! Click the PayPal button to order a S&S copy of that book. After you order, write an e-mail with your name, mailing address, and the character/message you would like to see, and send it to:
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Peter & Company: Book One

Peter & Company: Book One

ISBN: 978-1478125938
78 Pages

Featuring the first 75 comic strips from the online archives, plus comics #76-100 remastered in full color! Also includes a book-exclusive story arc showing how Peter and Seth first meet!

Available From:

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Peter & Company: Of Cats and Crushes - Coming Soon!

Peter & Company: Of Cats and Crushes

Coming Early 2015

Includes pages #101-200 from the online comic, completely remastered in full color, along with three individual bonus book-exclusive story arcs detailing the following:
– How a young Chelsea first finds Persephoni
– How Iggy meets Skin
– Korgar’s teacher job interview


Well, that was to be expected, since it was explained when Digit first appeared. Digit will develop based on Mora, as Ambar told us way back when.

I’d like to see the other character’s expectation panels. That could get very interesting.

Merry Christmas!

Ditto. I wonder what Kibbles, Sesame and Claire’s expectation would look like.

Likely as not, Claire’s expectation would be to find a way home. Hmm. Maybe she should be looking for some ruby red slippers.

I’d like to see the other character’s expectation panels. That could get very interesting.

Merry Christmas!

Ditto. I wonder what Kibbles, Sesame and Claire’s expectation would look like.

is it Egg Nog he’s swilling from the Flask in the second panel?

Probably, since Egg Nog has (or can have) alcohol in it (I think?)

And, somewhere out there, Sans is laughing his bones off for no reason.

Я просто оставлю это здесь

P.S. Ник выбирал “методом тыка”

Just back away slowly Kibbles. Claire is having a mental break down.
Claire’s tendency to explain everything reminds me of the book “Mountains of Madness”. Sometimes Claire, things can’t always be explained no matter how curious you are. Otherwise, you’ll go mad. Completely, I mean.

The last panel: So innocent and adorable. Who’s a cute, little, blood-thirsty mimic? Yes u r. YUSH U R.

And, Claire: It makes perfect sense. You’re just too disturbed to notice the pattern that’s been building up.

Oh good, confirmation that he murdered town guards attempting to stop him after he committed theft. I was already sort of sick of him and how no one in this group was treating like the piece of shit he is, and how they react here will either make or break the believability of this entire story for me.

Well, he just did get griped out by Sesame and beat up by Mason. Kibs even yelled at him when he was attempting to steal the caravan – just because she’s showing some empathy for him here doesn’t mean he’s “forgiven”. It’s just in Kibbles nature to help others. As for murder goes, Scrab has a mind of his own. It’s a tamed monster, but a monster none the less. It was just meant to be some dark humor added in.

He released it on them knowing what it would do. Its nature doesn’t absolve his intent. He’s responsible for it. There’s a line between dark humor and the party condoning the murder of an innocent man. This is definitely making me uncomfortable with the tone of the comic, if something like that can just be tossed out as a joke that won’t actually have any consequences.

Who’s to say that arm even belonged to one of the guards? Suffice to say, this comic is gonna have conflict. (Refer back to page 3 when we did the same thing with the dark humor.. and then touched up on it again later.) If THIS is gonna make or break the comic for you, and you can’t stand the idea of there being cause and effect popping up here and there through-out the comic, then this comic is not for you.

I get that. I was just voicing my concerns. There’s a point where people would logically stop associating with someone or even take action against them. As far as the party knows, Farron just caused the death of at least one innocent person, or at the very least grievous, life-threatening injury. It would take some amazing moral apathy to continue treating him like an ally after that. I’ll wait and see how it plays out, because I’ve enjoyed the comic so far.

I love Claire’s face in panel 3, also I was wondering, when Scrab is in his “animal form” are any items retrievable or does he have to transform back into backpack mode, and if they are, does he hack them up or do you have to pull them out?

I just hope Farron won’t shove his hand into Scrab’s mouth orrr.. Any other holes in particular, to get the stuff he needs out.. >.>

Don’t worry Farron, we all have skeletons in our closet. You just have yours in a bag. XD

But his skeletons are literal… Yours aren’t literal, right? RIGHT???

Also noticed a typo in what’s Claire’s saying in 2nd panel, unkown, should be unknown, and I hope that’s not Mason’s arm scrab spit out.

Oops, seems there was another typo! x_x; Also no, it’s not Mason’s arm.. Scrab only just returned.

Lots of ppl picking out typos in this comic, but I haven’t seen anyone mention the typo for “sponsored”.
It was that way since the start of the comic, which was corrected eventually, but then it went back to “sponsered” at around the Halloween comic.

When did it start raining? Did I miss when it started raining?

Edit: I went back, and back, and back, before October… I guess it’s been so long I just forgot that it was raining. (*taps my memory receptacle, stop forgetting, that’s not your job*)

“Remiss” is an adjective, not a verb. But Kibbles is likely not to know that, so I don’t blame the cartoonists.

It’s not supposed to be a verb it is supposed to be an adjective. Remised means: lacking care or attention to duty; negligent… Don’t see how that is supposed to be a verb.

What she is saying is she would not be doing her job if she didn’t ask him if she could heal him, because her job is a healer.

Well, that eye orb certainly looks familiar.

If I remember my biology course, Lapine or Lapin is for Rabbit. I may be wrong since it’s difficult to keep track of all these scientific names such as Canis and Sapien. You guys agree?

I didn’t even notice when it switched to active again. Only just thought to check again right at the end.
So many comment opportunities missed. So many questions never asked…

SO I suppose I could ask a few now:

#1. How come Kibbles has such skinny arms / shoulders? They seem a bit inconsistent with the rest of her… um… magnitude.
#2. Is Kylar’s father supposed to sound English too? I mean keeping in mind that there are no raccoons in Britain.
#3. Why do most of the characters have exceedingly exaggerated secondary sexual characteristics?
#4. Why is there a ton of click-bait link-images in the middle of the page?
#5. Are we getting any Asexual representation? Sorry… just had to ask. Nobody loves us A’s.

Thanks for the effort.


Assuming this isn’t bait, I will try to answer you legitimately.

1. Her arms aren’t skinny? We try to keep characters on model, but it varies from time to time. She is drawn thick enough for our tastes (see also, she is a cartoon dog person.)
2. Because that’s what we wanted, yes Kylar’s family is “british” as is most of upper regions of Alder.This isn’t Earth though. (See also, fantasy.)
3. I don’t understand, why do they have boobs? Or butts? The comic hasn’t been overtly sexual.
4. Because the Katbox needs ad-revenue.
5. As if a character’s sexual orientation (or lack thereof) is the most important aspect to them – which sorely misses the point of writing. We do actually have an asexual character in the story – but it’s hardly a focal point to their purpose in the story (as I assume it is for most asexuals.) We don’t really have a checklist of “quotas” to fill for the story – making characters merely for “representation purposes” is bad writing in general.

I’m sure we put more effort into the story then you did these questions 🙂

Hey. =( … I had other questions briefly, but I forgot them because most of the comment system was locked down.
I wasn’t baiting. This is me being super-polite. Super-nice. Super-trying-not-to-create-a-hate-riot. I was on a bit of a time-limit at the time though, since I was posting at work and probably shouldn’t have been.

In anyway, for what it is worth (which is probably nothing), I’m kinda glad you’re not trying to fill quotas. There seems to be too much of that sorta stuff these days. And it always seems to lead to shoehorning people into particular relationships… which… I dunno… always seems sorta artificial and unnecessary from an outside perspective.

The whole thing about secondary sexual characteristics though…. well, most of the females seem super-curvy in a decidedly “these are sexy parts” way (as opposed to the just-regular-fat way), and almost all of the males seem to be muscular and whatnot. It just kinda stands out as a bit conspicuous… but then what would I know? They’re all anthropomorphised animals, so maybe that is just normal for them? …. No clue. It just seems like the sort of thing that stands out and leaves me wondering if there is an actual reason for it (like maybe the entire planet was populated that way by some alien race who wanted it to be entirely covered in super sexy figures) or whether it is just…. I dunno… something subconscious? Random coincidence?

Kib’s bras must cost a fortune. Probably her other clothes too. Just as well she has savings. ^_^

As to Kylar’s family… I’m not sure what to make of them. The fact that I’m a Welsh guy living in London kinda leaves me wondering what precise sort of accent you were going for. It is kinda difficult to imagine how an accent would sound when it is being written in what would be phonetic for a completely different language (probably why I can’t understand that thief-person’s accent at all). I figure Kylar’s mother probably sounds like Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady… but I’m not sure about the other two. Kylar would probably be more well-spoken than that, judging by personality. Just my guess.

So… um… yeah.
I just noted that Kib’s arms seem a bit skinny to me because … well… most of my exes have been of similar build for the most part… but they had thicker arms… also shoulders. But yeah… she is an anthro doggie or whatever… so… my opinions are invalid.



I wouldn’t really say that the males are unexpectedly muscular or anything. Given that most of the ones we’ve seen are either professional soldiers and fighter-types, or work in physically demanding occupations, the builds seem quite appropriate. They tend to look ‘fit’ to me, not ‘sculpted’ in the manner of, say, John Cena, or Arnold from his early days in Conan the Barbarian and similar films. but, different people have different perceptions, what might look ‘mildly chubby’ to me could strike someone else as ‘grossly obese’ and so forth. Nothing wrong with that.

Well, thanks for explaining your post better. It’s hard to take things on the internet and you get all types on forums like these – so, sorry if I seemed short with you.

We aren’t intentionally trying to over sexualize them, as in – their bodies are the focal point of the page – constant shots of cleavage and crotch bulges and butts — that sorta thing. My husband Skidd does the primary art here. Pages like the latest Holiday piece had a ripped Farron but that was for gags– he really isn’t *that* muscular just what he idealized himself to be. While Kylar is quite fit, he is also a soldier and Mason works in a blacksmith shop (though he is meant to be thick around the middle, not exactly a gut but more of a strong-man kind of body-type.) I can see where some people get this, Skidd went from a job doing nothing but adult-pictures to this, so maybe that sexy-ness has carried over.

As for Kylar’s parents, I always felt a Highlands Scottish or Yorkshire kind of accent would fit. Kylar is someone I always imagined to sound very proper and posh. As for Dante (I presume that is whom you are talking about with the thief?) her and Farron are meant to have a cajun-american accent, but Dante’s is much thicker than Farron’s.

The only description I ever hear of a “cajun” accent is “like Gambit from X-Men”. …
Clearly I need to go find more videos of Gambit on YouTube, as I’m not sure what that sounds like.

I’d ask if you meant North Yorkshire or South Yorkshire… but that would probably be pushing it. =p
Interesting though. Yorkshire accents are pretty easy to write though, since they have a lot of very characteristic turns of phrase.
Here… watch this video. One of the best examples of a total Yorkshire accent ever, as spoken by a child:

What you’re saying about Skidd’s job change… that… makes all of the sense. Totally got it now. =)

I really don’t get Jills reaction in the last panel.

She just noticed that she’s naked.
But if you mean why she’s saying Art’s name like that then I’m shot as well. 😛

Welp, first of all: Art is once again hopeless. You do NOT choose breathing instead of Alex. 😀
Second: Guess Jill will freak out just as much when she notices her new haircut. 😛
Third: I’m SO looking forward to EVERYONE freaking out when they see their captors. Please week till next update… just drop and die. :3

You know, I may be reading too much into this, but If I didn’t know any better, I suspect that Lina was in cahoots with the humans in acquire these test subjects. That’s the only explanation I could think of when she went to check the back of her neck. Either that or she wanted to see if she was drugged.

I’m guessing she was in the process of saying something like, “Art, just push her off already!” and she was interrupted… by a vision, like 🙂

Yeah, but then it’s weird why wasn’t there a “GAH!” or “WHAT THE?” response to show her surprise and that her dialog got cut off.
It’s just a small detail, but kinda an important tool with text based dialogues.

Maybe CP or Kuu can give their opinion? :3