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Comic #173: Chelsea’s Repentance

Comic #173: Chelsea’s Repentance published on 2 Comments on Comic #173: Chelsea’s Repentance

Not only does Chelsea have a change of heart, but it appears Persephoni does as well. It should be interesting to see what happens after this. Will Whitney forgive her? And will Chelsea wonder why Ezzy mysteriously doesn’t remember punching her a second time?


As imbecilic as his traps are, she’d walk right into them. But one thing can be said for Miles – he is willing to put a LOT of long-term effort into fulfilling the obligations that go along with getting the things he wants. If he’s willing to put in a year of effort just in anticipation for something, he won’t be afraid of a little work when he’s actually getting it. In other words, he won’t disappear after he gets her pregnant.