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Comic #181: One Man’s Trash…

Comic #181: One Man’s Trash… published on 46 Comments on Comic #181: One Man’s Trash…

To anyone who remembers the classic Lite-Brite, it was quite simply one of the best and most ingenious toys to hit the market in the 80’s/90’s. It was like a primitive pixel art creator. I’m truly sad that it’s never seen a modern-day revival, since it’s definitely due for one.

This is all leading up to a very important development in Peter’s youth, as it was definitely a turning point for mine. Over the next few pages Peter is going to discover something that will stay with him for the rest of his life.


NEWPAGENEWPAGENEWPAGENEWPAGE *random assortment of fangiling sounds*
Huh? So that’s why Sesame has short hair.
The scarf is the artifact?! 0_o I must run additional equations to see what this means.
Hope all is well with the authors.

Totally called it

All this time I thought it was a clan symbol or what the guardians of those artifacts wore or something. But if it is the artifact, and I’m guessing the odds of two artifacts being the same/alike are slim… Berserker Sesame theory could be correct.

you and at least a dozen other commenters.

BUT, it is an article protected in a temple and Sesame said it has protection from fire right after Kibbles fried the idiots who accosted her.

I suspect protection from fire isn’t its only power.

You should’ve been silent. *Cinemasins Ding*

Assassin dude… very sneaky. NOT!
You could’ve just followed her outside bro and stabbed the hell out of her.
And why the hell did you walk so slow, she was like three feet in front of you!
You could’ve just rushed her.

As for Sesame.
Use your Suplex and shit, show that lousy assassin who’s the motherfucking mini-boss of this temple.

Also, welcome back Skidd and Phuffy :3

That’s one short sword, or very wide dagger

One would imagine it’s a very wide dagger, since it’s the right length… that said, it’s kinda wide by sword standards as well… unless we’re talking Skyrim swords… >.>


The first scene in the first book I’m writing is a dream sequence. In that dream, the main female character has her long hair grabbed exactly like that not once, not twice, but THREE times.

The first sight of her outside the dream shows her bald-headed.

I semi-love it, hope she gets out of this OK or maybe someone will help her.

Candy Star maybe?

waitaminute….the scarf is one of the artifacts isn’t it?

No, it is the artifact kept in the temple.

We have no indication it is one of THOSE artifacts (though that shouldn’t be a surprise to a reader of this strip). It may even lead to finding the ‘special’ artifacts.

It would be a surprise if it isn’t one of those artifacts nor could lead to them.

One nice plot-twist… it is an ‘enemy’ artifact opposing the ‘specials’.