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Mother of Quetzalcoatl: She’s adorable in that first panel.


Yes, sir!

A wild Dan appears! And I think a Knuckles in the last panel, as well. Hard to tell from this distance. Is the green cat in front of Knuckles (I’mma just call him Knuckles even tho I’m not sure) a character from Dreamkeepers?
Also, I love the lizard looking questioningly at Dan’s wings, like, “wtf did they DO to this guy?”
Granted, the big question is: What kind of hi-jinks is MAB up to here in this world, and is Abel or Jyyras or Wildy on this adventure with them?

Nice page Kuurion! I love the cameos!

I see Daniel from DMFA, I think the lizard guy next to him might be Iggy from Peter and Company, the orange guy look like Knuckles from Sonic, near the top of the panel is a wasp girl that might be Velia from Eye of Ramalach. Could someone translate the Japanese(?) in the last panel?

I’m pretty sure that the Japanese in the last panel translates to the announcement made in panel 1. “Subete” means “all”, and “chekku” seems like a ‘engrish’ form of “check”. “Konban” means “night” or “evening”, hence the term “Konbanwa” or “Goodnight”, and “resuto” is engrish “rest”. “Anata” means “you” or “your” depending on its use, and “tan” and “ton” when pronounced in Japanese sound like “turn” and “tone” respectively.

Is it just me or aren’t there two people missing? Jill works with Trilby, Pete is being studied and Alex works in the reactor, ( Alex plus reactor may equal nuclear explosion. I shudder at the thought of Alex there.) but where’s Art and Lyn? We haven’t seen the siblings for awhile.

OMGG! Cameos…Cameos everywhere. Seriously, I see Dan from DMFA, Tila from LL, Mister ID, Dreamkeepers, Buff Knuckles, Shaze, and oh so many more. And I’m pretty impressed with the secondary language there. I have to admit that I rather enjoy it as it really does signify the global abduction. Also, it gives Alex the opportunity to have no idea what her cell mates are saying. XD

I can’t help but wonder how messed-up human culture is right now that they need that many slaves in such a centralized location. Automation SHOULD obviate the need for a majority of these people, but combined with “science keeps its mouth shut” suggests a SEVERE cultural stagnation. Such stagnation that humanity is incapable of engineering robots or developing new tech or solving problems in ways that don’t involve mass kidnapping and forced labor, simply because any other solution might involve thinking or acting outside the box.

This would also explain why they’re so stupid and bureaucratic that they can’t immediately flag the anomaly with the unexpectedly old name (it seems implicit that our “class Ds” are disposed of after a certain shelf-life) as something that needs to be further investigated.