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Comic #95: Letters on a Bed

Comic #95: Letters on a Bed published on 42 Comments on Comic #95: Letters on a Bed

After the events of the last page, I just want to put any worries you may have to rest: Peter & Company has always been a humorous comic and always will be. I just like to have these little moments of emotion with the characters where you get to really see them shine. This is one of those story arcs that is more about character development than random worm-related chaos, and it’s one that is very important in terms of letting you all see into Seth’s role in the overall story.


Well looks like Sesame is regretting her first impression of Claire right about now. Also a little back ground info from Claire…poor vixen. I think Sesame has probably just realized that Claire is almost at her wits end by everything that’s happened, being stranded and Losing Proto must have been a harder blow to Claire then she’s been letting on.

the feels are strong with this page. 🙁

yes Master Dixon


the answer is simple: Uberquest is lighthearted version of Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones with two entities from the future
and Sesame as Eddard/Ned Stark

actually i find Sesame to be more like Arya or Jon Snow

I wonder if on the next page, we get a little more insight onto Kibbles backstory….I must say, much like Guardians of the Galaxy, Adventure Time, Futurama, Kenneth Branagh’s Thor, Jon Favreau’s Iron Man, most of the plays of William Shakespeare, Batman: The Animated Series (and countless other things Batman related, whether comics, film, or whatever), TwoKinds, Dreamkeepers, Alan Moore’s Watchmen, Star Trek, Star Wars (Original trilogy, Clone Wars, and the current series Rebels; forget the prequels) and Game of Thrones, there’s much character depth to go about in Uberquest….well done Skidd and Phuufy…..I salute you.

wait a minute, if Claire’s looking for a lost relative…is that what the teleportation device was originally for?

Claire’s looking for Proto. Proto = “lost relative” the teleportation pod has nothing to do with it, aside from bringing Claire and Proto to this world and then getting punted with Proto still in it.

Is it me or do Star Wars references often get brought up in these discussion threads…not that there’s anything bad about it, because there isn’t. I’m just pointing out something of a trend, I suppose.